Saturday, 23 December 2017



Tak berapa sihat beberapa hari ni. Went to clinic yesterday and have been diagnosed with  Migraine.

So,apa Migraine ni?

Migrain - sakit berdenyut-denyut yang terlampau pada sebelah kepala atau seluruh kepala. 

Seriously, the pain is unbearable. A kind of throbbing headache.

Simptom : 

1) Sensitif kepada cahaya dan bunyi yang kuat
2) Sakit pada rongga mata
3) Mual/Muntah
4) Sakit teruk pada kepala lebih dari 4 jam

I faced all of the above. ;(

Doktor cakap mungkin disebabkan stress. So kena kurangkan stress,but I don't think it is easy..hahaa

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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

New Life : A Wife,A Mother


A year and a half after last update. Lamanya,dah anak sorang dah.hahaha

Yes, i'm now officially a Mother :) Mama to Muhammad Isyraf Syauqi Bin Muhammad Irham. Born on 14/01/2017 through Emergency Cesarean due to Fetal Distress. A bit disappointing cannot deliver him by normal vaginal delivery,but Alhamdulillah he is safe.

Isyraf dah nak masuk 11 bulan pun. So how is my life after almost one year being a mother?? I am happy yet tired . hahahaa. I have learn it is not easy being a working mother, but I am trying to be a best mother to my son and a productive worker at a same time. To mothers out there, we are strong!

I Love You,Son!

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