Monday 30 December 2019

HR Info : What to do if Foreign Workers PLKS cannot be renew?Special Pass!

They are time sometimes the PLKS cannot be renew on time for some reason. Some of the reason :

1) Passport expired less than 1 year from the permit expiry date
2) FOMEMA result late
3) Overlooked the expiry date

If this happen you can apply for a Special Pass or Pas Khas at immigration counter BUT make sure the expiry date is within 7 days when you make the submission over counter.

I am not familiar with other state regulation, but as far that I know for Selangor & Putrajaya Immigration the Special Pass application only can be made AFTER the expiry date of the PLKS. For example :

The last day of the permit is 07/08/2018, then on 08/08/2018 only Employer can apply for SP

You just need to bring following documents to the counter and make sure you are the EMPLOYER or EMPLOYER REPRESENTATIVE. The workers cannot apply by himself.

1) Passport Original
2) Application letter of Special Pass with workers details and the reason of the delayed permit renewal
3) Authorized letter if you are the Employer representative
4) SSM documents (Form 49,9,13,24)
5) Employer IC copy
6) Employer represantative IC copy if not the employer himself submit the application.
7) Latest EPF statement that show the employer representative name
8) Special Pass Form (can ask from counter)
9) Cash RM 100 per workers

The Special Pass normally valid for 30 days. Then you need to settle everything and submit for renewal before the expiry date.

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